Prospective Students

Program Overview

The NROTC Unit at The Ohio State University is in the business of molding civilians into Naval Officers. We do this while the student completes a Bachelor’s degree. Immediately upon graduation, and completion of NROTC requirements, students are commissioned as either Ensigns in the U.S. Navy or Second Lieutenants in the U.S. Marine Corps.

Our goals are to instill in our Midshipmen an understanding of the fundamental principles of the United States Naval Service, a strong sense of personal integrity, honor, individual responsibility, and an educational background that facilitates continuing education in Naval Service related fields.

The NROTC Program not only provides an outstanding opportunity for students to become commissioned officers in the Navy and Marine Corps, it also aids in developing moral courage, mental acuity, and physical strength. Being a member of the NROTC Program will allow you to become a leader and to discover traits you never knew you had.

If you have come this far, then you are probably considering becoming a Midshipman. So the question you may have is: Why should I choose The Ohio State University NROTC?

Utilize Your Resources

The Ohio State University NROTC program also has many resources available to its Midshipmen such as a state of the art computer lab, study room facilities, a math and physics tutor, a mentoring program, and the Mershon Grant Program which actually pays Midshipmen for getting good grades!

Become A Leader

The Ohio State University NROTC Company is also an ideal location to build leadership ability. While the Company is Officer advised, the day-to-day operations are run by the Midshipmen Staff. Billets range from squad leader to Company Commander. It is a great way to fine tune your leadership skills.

Gain Real-Life Skills

The Ohio State University NROTC program is fortunate enough to have a state of the art ship simulator named the USS CARMEN DDGS 71. The simulator is a vital part of the Navigation courses where sophomores plot GPS fixes, anchorages, and produce Maneuvering Boards. It also allows us to practice many watch stations that as a young Junior Officer would stand.

FAQ for Parents

Does the Navy pay for Room and Board?×

Potentially. The Navy now authorizes payment for Tuition OR Room and Board.  Commonly, Out-of-State students will use the Tuition option.  In-State students may use the Room and Board option, commonly, when they have other scholarships which cover Tuition.  As well, there are several scholarships available to our Midshipmen to help defray these costs while you are in the Unit.  Midshipmen should contact their unit advisor for more information once enrolled in the program. 

What are the disqualifying medical conditions for NROTC?×

Applicants are required to schedule a physical examination through the Department of Defense Medical Examination Board. For a full list of medical questions, please visit

What type of academic assistance is provided for NROTC students at Ohio State?×

The Ohio State NROTC Company provides Calculus and Physics tutors to assist Midshipmen through these challenging courses during their academic careers at no cost to the students. Additional tutors may be available on a case-by-case basis.

The Ohio State NROTC Company has its own study rooms and computer lab. These facilities enable the Midshipmen to do homework, write papers, and e-mail professors all from the NROTC unit. Unlike other University labs, these facilities are for Midshipmen use only.

A Message from our Commanding Officer

To read a message from our Commanding Officer, visit the About Us page.

CO's Message

Summer Cruise

Summer cruise is an outstanding opportunity for Midshipmen to experience the fleet while still in college. Summer cruises are approximately 4 weeks long and are completely paid for by the Navy. Midshipmen can spend their cruises on board just about any platform in the fleet operating in a non-combat environment. Learn more from our FAQ.

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Academic Assistance

Academics are a Midshipman’s first priority. Sometimes the transition to college life and the military may be a difficult one, but the OSU NROTC Company has much to offer to assist Midshipmen. Learn more about academic assistance offerings.

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NROTC Scholarships

Learn more about the NROTC scholarship and determine your eligibility.

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