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New Student Orientation 2022

The Department of Naval Science at The Ohio State University annually conducts an orientation program for all incoming midshipmen the week prior to classes starting in the fall. The New Student Orientation program is designed to provide students with detailed information concerning the NROTC program structure and obligations and to familiarize them with the activities and expectations of The Ohio State University NROTC Unit. 

The week includes focused periods of instruction that introduce basic military subjects: customs and courtesies, organizational structure, uniform wear, close order drill, and physical fitness sessions. 

Dates: August 18th, 2022 – August 22nd, 2022

  • Students will arrive at 1000 on indoctrination day (August 18th) to begin the administrative in-process.
    • Students should contact the University Housing Office at 614-292-8266 to coordinate their dorm move-in process.
  • Parents will receive a Welcome Aboard Brief from NROTC unit staff members at 1100 in Knowlton Hall.
  • Following the Welcome Aboard brief, parents are dismissed and students remain in training to complete administrative matters and receive military uniform issue before being dismissed to their dorm rooms in the evening.
  • Scheduled training begins early in the morning until late evening each day.
    • Students are released each evening to sleep in their dorm rooms.
    • It is highly recommended that students are fully moved in to their dorms prior to NSO, as they will not have time to do so during NSO.
  •  The final day will culminate with an early morning company run and Second Lieutenant / Ensign insignia bar placement ceremony. This ceremony is for students only.

Parents Welcome Brief – 1100 EST Thursday, August 18th, 2022

  • Brief will be provided in person only.

Useful Links

Navy Option Midshipmen

  • Physical Fitness Requirements – All Navy option MIDN must now score “Good Low” in every category for the 20-24 age group, regardless of current age, to activate their scholarship and through commissioning.  Failing to achieve these standards constitutes a failure, and the unit shall take appropriate action. Students should ensure they are within height/weight standards and are able to meet the physical fitness standards. It is important to note that the PRT will now use an abdominal plank, rather than curl-ups.
  • Grooming Standards – Students are expected to arrive at New Student Orientation within U.S. Navy grooming regulations. Review the Navy Grooming Policy prior to your arrival to ensure you are within regulations upon your arrival.

Marine Option Midshipmen

  • Physical Fitness Requirements – All Marine option MIDN and MECEPs must obtain a PFT score of 200 upon entry.  Failing to achieve these standards constitutes a failure, and the unit shall take appropriate action. These are the minimum standards and Marine Option midshipmen should seek to exceed them.
  • Grooming Standards – All Marine Option midshipmen shall arrive at New Student Orientation with a fresh haircut in accordance with the USMC grooming standards found on page 1-13 at Marine Corps Uniform Regulations.